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We understand that each portfolio has specific requirements and necessities. We offer personalized pricing for our subscription products and services, without any minimum unit requirement. Instead of filling out a form, we invite you to get in touch so we can create a custom quote for your specific portfolio and product preferences.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Can we use our old inspection templates?
Yes, we can take your paper, excel or PDF inspection templates and input them into Onsite HQ.
How long does it take to get set up with Onsite HQ?
Most of our clients allow our trained technicians to on-board their inspection templates, so we can get your team filling out inspection within a few days of signing up.
Can your app be used without a cell signal?
Yes, Onsite HQ is equipped with an offline mode so your staff can carryout and submit inspections with or without a cell or WI-FI signal.
How can I track if an inspection has not been completed?
Onsite HQ will do the hard work for you, by sending out reminders via email to persons assigned to carry out specific inspections. If an inspection is not completed, the overseer and the assignee will receive a notification the inspection sheet is overdue.
Is it possible to perform additional auditing functions using the application?
Absolutely! Both internal and external audits can be conducted for all compliance certifications. Additionally, external auditors have the option to access the platform and examine actual inspections in real-time.

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