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How Onsite HQ is Changing the Inspection Game for Property Managers

Whether it be unforeseeable obstacles such as the COVID-19 pandemic or preventable accidents such as unnoticed water leakage, property managers across the world are constantly balancing many responsibilities while tending to each property they manage.

Whether it be unforeseeable obstacles such as the COVID-19 pandemic or preventable accidents such as unnoticed water leakage, property managers across the world are constantly balancing many responsibilities while tending to each property they manage.

For the past 3 years we have been creating a software that changes the way property managers manage their property. As experts in our field of facility management and building inspections, we understand the main issues that property managers face; consequently, we have implemented features into our app that address each of these issues. Ultimately, we have one goal.

To make your life easier.


Our software is revolutionizing the way property managers approach their building inspections and maintenance checks. From years of experience we identified the main grievances that property managers faced and categorized them into 3 main categories.

Accessibility, Communication, and Accountability.

  1. In terms of accessibility we found that property managers complained about the paper format of inspections, which made it difficult for them to access inspection files at a moment’s notice and send them off to head office. Additionally, property managers recognized that they were spending double the amount of time on administrative work, as they were digitizing their inspection checklists.

Onsite HQ has the solution to this problem.

Our software allows you to digitize any checklist that you have and allows property managers to easily access inspection files from the comfort of their home at any time. Additionally, after an inspection is completed the user can download a company branded pdf that is prepared to be sent to management or head office. Onsite HQ cuts down the amount of administrative work, as checklists are uploaded to the cloud and stored on a centralized data system.

  1. Property managers also voiced their concerns about communication obstacles between themselves, vendors, and staff. What often happens is staff or vendors would perform an inspection, see an issue, and then put an X on the corresponding box on the sheet of paper. That paper would then either get lost or thrown under a pile of files in the office; as a result, small issues go unnoticed and develop into more costly repairs down the line. Furthermore, there is a severe lack of information about potential hazards when a staff member hands the inspection sheet to the property manager, since most inspection checklists run off a check mark system. As a result, the property manager does not know the specific issue, if they should call a contractor, or if the issue is crucial to fix immediately.

Onsite HQ has the solution to this problem.

Onsite HQ’s features allow for clear communication between property managers, vendors, and staff. When vendors or staff perform an inspection and notice an issue, they can add an additional comment and photo that notifies management about the issue at hand. Through the additional information that is provided through the app, management can gain a greater understanding of the action steps that need to be taken ; similarly, management can also recognize issues when they arise, which prevents the cost of future emergency call outs.

  1. Accountability is also another issue that property managers struggle with. Typically, property managers oversee several properties, which can make it difficult to keep track of the state of each building they manage. Furthermore, it is difficult to verify if vendors and staff are actually performing the inspections. Oftentimes what we see is staff members or vendors simply checking off the inspection sheet when they have not even been on site. Being unable to verify if inspections have been completed can lead to obvious issues such as equipment failure, property damage, and more money spent on emergency repairs.

Onsite HQ has the solution to this problem.

Onsite HQ allows you to stay on top of managing your properties by giving you the ability to verify who, when, and where the inspection was performed. Using features such as GPS tracking, you can see where the inspection was submitted. Therefore, if a vendor submits an inspection from 10km away, you know that the inspection was likely not performed. Additionally, Onsite HQ also has a signature feature at the end of each inspection form. The signature portion of the inspection seeks to add that extra accountability and legality to that document; as a result, staff members will perform the inspections to the best of their ability as they are liable for any missed hazards.


So, if digital facility management apps such as Onsite HQ are the solution to all these problems, why don’t we see more companies and property managers making the switch from paper forms?

Resistance to change.

We often see property managers hesitant to adopt new technology due to their resistance to change. From our work in the field, property managers have told us that they have tried implementing facility management apps in the past; however, they found them to be way too complicated and overall a nuisance. From past experiences, companies build this bias that if they tried something once and it failed, it will fail again in the future. Additionally, many companies have been using paper forms for their inspections for decades. Although digital facility management apps are more efficient compared to paper, many property management companies still elect to use paper forms due to habitual and comfort variables.

Onsite HQ can help you eliminate this bias and make your inspection and maintenance more efficient.

The Onsite HQ software is very easy to use and requires minimal training for staff to use it. Additionally, we do all the onboarding for you, so that you can focus on more crucial tasks and responsibilities as a property manager. We digitize all of your existing checklists, go through a brief session with your staff to teach them how to use the app, set up QR codes around the premise for vendors, and visit you on site to ensure that each checklist is optimized for each building. Our goal with Onsite HQ is to create a digital facility management app that is easy to use for everyone. We want to make the onboarding experience as easy as possible for you and your staff.


At Onsite HQ  we stress relationship building throughout our clientele. Many property managers have expressed their disappointment that many facility management apps on the market did not cater to their needs or were just not applicable to their company. By working with Onsite HQ we will be receiving constant updates that improve the software and address the needs of our clients. Additionally, if you have any questions or feature requests we are happy to listen to your suggestions and take them into consideration for our next update. However, despite considering many updates, our goal is still to provide a user friendly software that is simple and easy to use.

Onsite HQ’s various functions such as customized checklists, location verification, centralized data storage, and an offline mode, allow for inspections to be performed accurately while holding staff members and vendors accountable. Additionally, the centralized system allows for clearer communication between building owners and inspectors about key issues.

Get better oversight with Onsite.

For more information visit a 1 minute video explaining what we do click HERE

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